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Information Days April 2-3 Ankara Türkçe

The Information Days were held on April 2nd and 3rd 2008 in TOBB premises in Ankara, few days after the launch of the official Call for Proposals on the EU-Turkey Chambers Partnership Grant Scheme (March 28th 2008).

The Information Days were organised by TOBB with the cooperation of EUROCHAMBRES.

200 local Turkish chambers participated to this 2 days event.

Information about the ETCF grant scheme application process were provided to potential applicants by the project team but also by the CFCU, publicity materials were circulated and technical trainings to interested Turkish Chambers were provided.

As a result of this event, TURKISH chambers expressed their interest in participating in the project. In order to facilitate the matching process, a list of European interested Chambers was elaborated.  These lists included concrete contact details and project areas of interest that helped finding the right chamber partner on both sides.

The ETCF project team provided follow-up support for the development of initial action plans, including quantifiable targets, detailed budget, and timeframe, to ensure that the maximum of Turkish chambers would be able to submit a relevant partnership proposal before the deadline which was on June 2nd 2008.

Partnership grant scheme
Partnership grant scheme
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EU expert data base
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