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Eurochambres Academy Türkçe

In order to enhance the abilities of Turkish Chambers to design and generate value-added services to their members and to develop networking between Turkish and EU Chambers, 30 Turkish Chamber executives will receive scholarships to participate to EUROCHAMBRES 2008 and 2009 Academiesin Europe.

The Academies offer a top-range development programme specifically designed for senior and middle Chamber management to help them in developing new services and effective lobbying.

The Academies provide a unique platform for Turkish chambers executives to exchange experiences on the critical factors for Chambers to grow and develop as well as offering networking opportunities and further exposure to EU chambers.

5 Turkish scholars participated in the EUROCHAMBRES Academy Trade Forum on 27-30 January 2008. They had the opportunity to analyze and evaluate the latest trends and developments in international trade, and to identify best Chamber practices.

Participants were:
Mr. Murat Tuncer (Chamber of Shipping – Istanbul)
Ms. Bahar Özsu (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce)
Mr. Mücahit Kahraman (Kütahya Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Ms. Melike Tatlı (Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Ms. Güneş Açelya Sipahi (Aydın Chamber of Commerce)

10 Turkish scholars participated in the EUROCHAMBRES Summer Academy in Porvoo (Finland) on 23-27 June 2008.

The programme content was focused on the leadership and management of Chambers. It was structured around 2 core courses on the different European Chamber systems and on effective management in chambers and optional courses which reflect specific interests and needs within the Chamber network.

Participants were:

  1. Mr. Alpar BAYKOZİ (Adana Chamber of Commerce)
  2. Mr. Ercan ONGÜN (Eskişehir Chamber of Industry)
  3. Ms. Gonca ÜNDÜL (Istanbul Chamber of Industry)
  4. Mr. Hasan Hüseyin ÇAKMAK (Tavşanlı Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  5. Mr. Hüseyin ERGÜN (Konya Commodity Exchange)
  6. Ms. Pınar ERDEM (İzmir Chamber of Commerce)
  7. Ms. Pınar SELVİ (Aegean Region Chamber of Industry)
  8. Mr. Serkan DİNÇER (Gebze Chamber of Commerce)
  9. Mr. Seyfi SUNA (Konya Chamber of Industry)
  10. Ms. Vildan DEMER (Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry)


4 Turkish scholars participated in the EUROCHAMBRES International Trade Forum on 28-31 January 2009 in Menthon Saint Bernard, Lake Annecy, France.

Participants were:

    1. Mr Veyis ERSÖZ, Konya Chamber of Commerce
    2. Ms Gülcin ARAS, Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    3. Mr Okan GÜMÜŞ, Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    4. Mr Hasan Baran UÇANER, Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce


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EUROCHAMBRES Summer Academy 2009

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EUROCHAMBRES Summer Academy 2008

EUROCHAMBRES Summer Academy 2008

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