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Accreditation Türkçe

TOBB has introduced the Turkish Chambers Accreditation System in 2001. This quality system sets a clear path for quality improvement of the overall performance and organization of the Turkish Chambers.
It has been established through the cooperation with the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) during the Turkish Chambers Development Project I (TCDP I) in 2001.
This system was initially introduced in the United Kingdom by BCC in 1995 and goes now through a regular review and revision to ensure the highest level of quality in the changing business environment.
Since 2004 TOBB has trained and certified 53 local Chambers. The certificate represents a validity of 3 years.

The overall objective of the accreditation project in the framework of ETCF is to enhance the accreditation capacity of TOBB and certify the participating Chambers, and therefore to enhance the overall quality of the Turkish Chamber network through the implementation of a system of quality standards and certification.
During the accreditation project,

  • the existing accreditation standard will be reviewed and changes will be proposed
  • Accreditation Board will be engaged on becoming the driving force behind a gradual national  roll-out of the standard
  • all relevant stakeholders  will be informed and trained on the revised accreditation standard
  • proper implementation and sustainability of the revised accreditation standard will be ensured by monitoring the work of Turkish accreditation experts (Turk Loydu Vakfi) during implementation

Key elements of the Accreditation Standard are:

  • Engagement with the business community
  • Governance & Management
  • Membership
  • Financial health
  • Multi-level development of the Chamber network

The implementation of the Accreditation System implies the following phases :

  1. Selection of local Chambers for accreditation by TOBB. The selection criteria of local Turkish Chambers is based on a set of minimum criteria outlined in the quality standard and represents and open access system for all 364 Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in the 81 regions of Turkey.

  2. Review Visits: A limited number of assessment visits (approx. 5) are done by BCC experts to evaluate the current implementation of the accreditation standard and the assessment process at local Turkish chambers. These visits will be done together with experts of Turk Loydu. The feedback of the chambers will be collected and documented

  3. Review Report: A thorough desk basedreview of the Standard will be carried out by BCC including the input from TOBB (documentation on current accreditation standard) and the feedback from 5 accredited chambers collected during the Review Visits on the Standard and the assessment process. BCC will use standard check-lists to collect the feedback from these 5 chambers. The Review Report will include the list of recommendations for improvement and amendments to the existing Standard. The report also includes the findings of the Review Visits that will be conducted before the preparation of the Review Report.

  4. Trainings programmes: 3 Training programmes including training-materials and presentations on the new Standard for the following groups will be developed and implemented:

    a) Accreditation Assessors (Turk Loydu) to ensure they are familiar with the changes/amendments  

    b) TOBB Accreditation Board to gain their commitment to a successful national roll out of the Standard

    c) Accredited Turkish Chambers to ensure they gain a full understanding to be able to successfully meet the revised Standard and new Chambers aspiring to become accredited in 2009 to ensure they gain a full understanding to be able to successfully meet the Standard.

  5. Monitoring Visits: A limited number of monitoring visits will be done together with Turk Loydu Vakfi assessors to evaluate and monitor the understanding and practical implementation of the revised Standard and the assessment process.

  6. Evaluation Report: Final evaluation report with recommendations based on the monitoring visits will be prepared to ensure proper implementation of the revised Standard.

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