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Database of Turkish experts on EU legislation Türkçe

Turkish companies will need to be aware of “info points on EU affairs” within the Chamber network that they could easily contact to get specific information on EU business-related legislation or with whom they could share particular problems in this area.

To fill this need and to ensure the sustainability of the seminars and publicationsdeveloped in the context of ETCF, a database of Turkish chamber experts on EU legislation will be developed.

The database will provide a consolidated pool of Turkish expertise in the business-related acquis communautaire. It is made up of Chamber executives who will have proven expertise in the legislation itself, in the approximation of national legislation to EU norms, as well as in the subsequent implementation of such legislation.

Speakers and participants to the 12 seminars will be included in the database.

The database will be available to the Chamber network and to the wider public as a recognised source of information in Turkey for EU affairs.

Partnership grant scheme
Partnership grant scheme
EU expert data base
EU expert data base
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